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Brick Top Blaggers is breathing new life into the Celtic music scene of Southern California. The band was started in the fall of 2009 and currently features Steve Almond (vocals), Dustin Lindberg (bass), Matt Maulding (accordion/bagpipes/whistles) and Nolan Lynch (mandolin), Daniel Murillo (guitar), Nick Morgan (fiddle) and Kevin Ousley (drums).

The band's love of traditional Irish and Scottish music and hard- hitting punk rock bring a unique, signature sound to the streets from Los Angeles to San Diego. They perform at pubs, clubs and festivals throughout the year and have opened for artists like Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), The Fenians and Young Dubliners.

They have a residency at The Shamrock in Murrieta and perform frequently at O'Sullivan's in Carlsbad and at Dublin Square in San Diego.

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