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Brilliant Gypsies Band

The Brilliant Gypsies are Incendiary Music— driven by the grinding, syncopated  guitar and passionate vocals of Peter Romano; the virtuosic fiddle of Chris Loken; the  soaring Uilleann Pipes, Flutes and Whistles of Zac Leger; and the Rock solid beat of  Bass, Drums and Percussion from Leo Valenzuela and Rik Shannon-- Alternative, Rock,  Trad, Jazz, and World collide— melodies as ancient as the Druids; grooves as current as  indie radio...

Converging in the hotbed of the L.A. music scene, The Brilliant Gypsies  erupted— players as diverse as the places they come from and the influences they  express: the Rock clubs of Sunset Boulevard, the smoke-filled pubs of Ireland, the  backroads of Tennessee, the great Pacific Northwest— Arena anthems, pub playing,  bluegrass jamming, jazz/blues nightspots— The Brilliant Gypsies invoke the spirits and  locations which have formed them; and the places they have left their mark.

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