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The Lacemakers

  Lacemaking: The art of making delicate fabric from fine threads, coming together to form something unique and beautiful.

The three ladies of The Lacemakers do just that with their blend of Appalachian, Celtic and bluegrass sounds and sensibilities.

Heloise Love, Kim Donaldson, and Miss Darla weave together the traditions of the moonshiners of Virginia, the heart and soul of Ireland and Scotland, and the high lonesome sound of the blue hills of Kentucky.

Heloise Love, with her clear and warm voice, takes you from the misty clouds of the Scottish Highlands to the summit of Slieve Gallion in Derry.Sometimes leading, sometimes following, Heloise adds her fine guitar picking and the occasional whistle and bodhran to The Lacemakers' sound. When Kim Donaldson sings, you find yourself in some small town a few miles from nowhere in those blue Kentucky hills.

Then she plays her fiddle and banjo and you know you've arrived in a place you've always wanted to go, but could never find before. It's magical and it's real.

Miss Darla hails from the mountains of Virginia and has moonshine in her blood. A talented songwriter and storyteller, she will give you a bit of bluegrass with her guitar, a bit of Appalachian on her mountain dulcimer, and when she sings, a bit of her soul.

Once you hear the trio of Heloise Love, Kim Donaldson, and Miss Darla, The Lacemakers, you'll be right there with them, along for the ride, through past and present, truth and legend. And you wouldn't have it any other way.

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