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Rusty B Show - Christopher YatesThe Rusty B Show is the comic creation of Christopher Yates, the wavy haired wonder from down under, (You may know him as Kathy Griffen or one of the girls from River Dance??!!), is back with his fast paced, original, Celtic comedy variety show that is an eclectic mix of stand up, and variety with a hilarious contemporary edge. Delivered with a down under flavor, "nobody lives in New Zealand, 3 and a half million people, 65 million sheep.....the Scottish enjoyed it", and firey red headed wit, this is an SPF factor 75 funny show. Yup he's a celt alright. Just don't annoy him or he'll take his shirt off. "You know what happens when red heads take off their shirts....moths bump into them". See red hot comedy variety performances including dubious juggling, silly magic, dangerous diabolic, preposterous props, brave stunt sheep "Lamb Chop", the famous New Zealand test of strength and much more. Rust never sleeps and neither will you during this great, very funny show. Just get your tetanus shots??!!

Originally from the good commonwealth country New Zealand, of Scottish and Irish decent, Christopher Yates has performed on four continents in three different languages in a variety of performance genres, from theater to film, corporate to carnival. DON'T MISS HIM??!!

Also look out for stilt performances by Christopher Yates - McCloud - the Scotsman and Rusty O'FlaTTery - the Worlds' Tallest Leprechaun. They could be lurking anywhere.

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